What insurance do you take?

Horizon ABA is currently credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans and working on getting in network with others!

Does my child need a diagnosis for ABA?

Yes! At Horizon ABA, we need an autism diagnosis report in order to provide ABA services to your child.

How much ABA will my child need? How long will they need ABA?

Your child’s experience will be uniquely tailored to fit their needs – including their schedule and length of time in therapy! Horizon ABA will complete a thorough ABA assessment at the start of treatment to determine the number of hours we recommend. Our clients stay with us until their needs are met.

What does ABA look like?

In short, a lot of play! Because we prioritize very young learners, we take a naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions (NDBI) approach to ensure our services are as developmentally appropriate as possible. This means that we use play-based strategies to teach new skills. Our team spends their days building obstacle courses, doing crafts, digging in sand, and talking about the latest gadgets so our clients are learning skills that matter in ways that matter to them!

We are preparing our clients for life beyond school, so our sessions also incorporate common classroom activities like daily living routines like hand-washing or toileting.

How long does it take to start ABA?

Horizon ABA works hard to be efficient with your time. We work with you to identify what authorization is necessary from your insurance is needed to begin assessment & treatment and are thorough in our assessments and documentation to help that process along. Depending on your insurance, the process to receive approval for ABA therapy could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This being said, we aim for a 4-6-week timeframe from the initiation of intake processes to receiving treatment approval. Then we get started as soon as we can!

My child is in school. Can they still receive ABA therapy?

Yes! While our program can focus on the same types of activities your child does at school, we focus on building skills in a 1:1 setting. Horizon ABA will give you information on available times for sessions once your treatment plan is approved so you can make informed decisions about the time commitments you are making for your child across all their services!

My child receives OT/PT/Feeding/Speech Therapies. Can they still receive ABA therapy?

Absolutely! We understand that it takes a village to raise a child and we expect input from all stakeholders in our clients’ lives. We want to work with your team of therapists, school professionals, and medical experts to help create a full picture of functioning across people and settings.

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